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GraphQL Directive

GraphQL Directive
A GraphQL directive is a way to add an extra behavior by annotating parts of the GraphQL schema. We can define a directive starting with @ character followed by the name, argument (optional), and execution location

Spring for GraphQL: Mutation

Spring for GraphQL mutation
In GraphQL, a mutation is used to insert, update or delete data. The mutation API is defined with the type Mutation rather than the Query. In Spring for Graphql, a mutation can be implemented using @SchemaMapping or @MutationMapping.

Spring for GraphQL : @SchemaMapping and @QueryMapping

Spring GraphQL with @Controller, @SchemaMapping and @QueryMapping

In the last article Getting started with Spring Boot GraphQL service, we discussed features of GraphQL and its implementation in Spring for GraphQL using low-level APIs of GraphQL Java. While low-level GraphQL Java implementation is fine for understanding the concept,…